Tuesday, March 15, 2011

(Japan) Fukoshima la catastrophe est la

et elle est médiatique, France24, le Monde, NYT, Guardian, Spiegel, hystérie collective,
impossible d'avoir une information sérieuse et correcte sur ce qui se passe vraiment.

alors comment faire ? Ou trouver une source d'information crédible ?
voici les liens a suivre:

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C'est pénible les journalistes et les politiciens qui savent a peine résoudre une règle de trois ou sa représentation graphique (Théorème de Thalès) dicter et donner leur obscurs avis.


Anonymous said...

Of the 2,044 nuclear weapons tests worldwide, there have been 711 in the atmosphere or underwater.

It is estimated that the total yield of all the atmospheric nuclear weapons tests conducted is 438 megatons.
That's equivalent to 29,200 Hiroshima size bombs.

In the 36 years between 1945 and 1980 when atmospheric testing was being conducted this would have been equivalent to exploding a Hiroshima size bomb in the atmosphere every 11 hours!!

And don't believe there was no wind over Nevada or New Mexico at this time...

Bottom line ?
We (or our parents) lived at a time where the atmosphere of the planet was heavily polluted by Radioactivity, and we're still there...
So not something to wish for and very locally a drama as the area won't probably be suitable for living for the next 50 years if the core melts.

But the real drama was the Tsunami !! By far and large way way more dangerous than a nuclear cloud.


Jean-Philippe said...

agreed,and weirdly enough Nuclear power is the safest human generated energy.
Coil kills (mine + transportation)
Gas kills (operation + transportation)
Oil kills (war)
Solar rooof panels kills ...
Nuclear power is still the safest way for us to produce energy.